Agendas & Minutes

The Agenda for the Parish Council Meeting will be available on the website the week before the meeting.

The Minutes of each Parish Council meeting will be available the week following the meeting. Please note that all minutes are in draft form until approved by the Parish Council at the subsequent meeting.

2019 Meetings   
14 January 2019AgendaReports Draft Minutes
11 March 2019 Agenda ReportsMinutes
Annual Parish Meeting
13 May 2019AgendaDue to IT issues there are no reports for this meeting.Draft Minutes
8 July 2019AgendaReportsMinutes
9 September 2019AgendaReportsMinutes
11 November 2019AgendaReportsMinutes
8 January 2018Agenda Reports Minutes
12 March 2018 Agenda Reports Minutes
20 March 2018
Extraordinary Meeting
AgendaReport Minutes
6 April 2018
Annual Parish Meeting
Agenda Minutes
14 May 2018
Annual Parish Council Meeting
Agenda Reports Minutes
9 July 2018 Agenda Reports Minutes
10 September 2018 Agenda Reports Minutes
22 October 2018
Extraordinary Meeting
Agenda Minutes
12 November 2018 Agenda Reports Draft Minutes






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