The members (i.e. Councillors) of West Itchenor Parish Council represent the people of the Parish. All Councillors are governed by a national Code of Conduct, which ensures that high standards are maintained.

The Parish Council has seven elected Councillors. Elections take place every four years. The most recent elections took place in May 2015.

The members of West Itchenor Parish Council are:

Chairman - Alastair Spencer
Anchor Cottage, Itchenor PO20 7AB

Tel: 01243 514618
Jim Dunn (3)Vice Chairman - Jim Dunn
Inglewood, Itchenor Green,
Itchenor PO20 7DA

Tel: 01243 512873
Larry Keep
Oldfield House
Chris Mead-Briggs (3)Christopher Mead-Briggs
Homeland, The Street,
Itchenor PO20 7AH

Tel: 01243 511092
Susan Taylor
Dobbies, Itchenor Road, Itchenor PO20 7AA

Tel: 01243 514034
Anita Trevelyan (3)Anita Trevelyan
8 The Spinney, Itchenor
PO20 7DF

Tel: 01243 511038
Chris Watson
Maple Cottage, Itchenor Road, Itchenor PO20 7DH

Tel: 01243 512304
District CouncillorsGraeme Barratt
Magnolia Cottage, Cakeham Road, West Wittering PO20 8AD

Tel: 01243 512180

Elizabeth Hamilton
Woodhorn Farmhouse, Sidlesham Lane, Birdham PO20 7QL

Tel: 01243 512325
County CouncillorPieter Montyn
Cowdry Farm, Birdham Road, Birdham PO20 7BX

Tel: 01243 511319

Councillors Registers of Interests can be viewed by clicking the link below
Register of Interest

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