Citizens Advice Bureau – Home Visits

 A new service is being provided by the Arun & Chichester Citizens Advice Bureau. This is aimed to provide the regular service of the CAB to people who are housebound or otherwise unable to attend an appointment in the local advice centre.

Purpose of the service: To promote the independence and quality of life of vulnerable housebound older and/or younger people, with disabilities and those with mental health difficulties.

What we hope to achieve: To enable them to have a better understanding of their entitlement to benefits and to offer assistance in making applications for same, including appeals / tribunals as required.

What we will be looking at: Maximising personal income and increasing freedom of choice in obtaining support and services to enable them to stay in their own home.

The benefit to the clients: The service is meant to provide access support at an early stage, reducing dependence on formal Care Management processes. The service provision operates on an open referral basis and can be accessed via local agencies and direct by clients through our countywide telephone system, or through their carers. We aim to liaise with local centres of influence such as Day Centres, Family Centres and GP surgeries to organize talks generally about how this project can help people and this will generate referrals.

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