Ditches and Culverts Survey

Dear Resident
The Parish Council have been working with a consultant, Alistair Tyler, to produce a detailed picture of the drainage  systems within the parish. This is largely in response to the  flooding issues that have occurred within the last few years.

The project is being funded by a grant from West Sussex  County Council under the ‘Operation Watershed’ scheme.  Following production of the appropriate drainage and contour  resources we will now be physically examining much of the  water course for a detailed assessment. This stage of the work  will also now include an Environmental Impact Analysis. The  team conducting the survey will be Alistair Tyler and he will be joined by Tony Burnand and Jane Reeve from the Manhood  Wildlife and Heritage Group

Some sections of the watercourse are not easily accessible  from the highway. Should any of the team ask, (they will be  wearing fluorescent yellow jackets and carrying identification)  we would hope that you will be happy to give them access to ditches and culverts that are adjacent to or flow under your  property.

They will not need access to your house.

If you have any queries please contact the Parish Clerk,  Telephone:- 01 243 204204 or
by email:-
29th October 201 4