Ditches, Drains & Culverts

With the arrival of autumn/winter we would remind residents to ensure that all ditches, culverts and drains running through, under and along side their property should be cleared. This is essential to maintain an uninterrupted flow of surface and rain water.

  1. Ditches should be carefully cleared of vegetation, cutting back as appropriate and removing all debris from the ditch.
  2. Remove leaves and other debris from drain covers .
  3. Rod through any pipes passing under your property to ensure that are completely unobstructed.
  4. Rod through any pipes passing under your driveway and clear out vegetation and debris from entry and exit points.
  5. Never fit any mesh or grill across a ditch or culvert.
  6. The Environment Agency must be consulted before changes to a ditch, culvert or pipe are altered. Failure to do so is a criminal offence!
  7. Ensure that garden debris, including grass cuttings, is NEVER dumped in ditches.
  8. If the road side drain outside your property is blocked, please email the Parish Clerk at:   who will ask WSCC to take action.

Please remember your blocked ditch, culvert or drain is someone’s flood! KEEP THEM CLEAR

Information about your riparian rights and obligations, which are onerous can be obtained from the Environment Agency You can download their helpful publication on the subject, ‘Living on the Edge’ at;  <https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/riverside-ownership-rights-and-responsibilities