England Coastal Path – Consultations

As you may know, Natural England is implementing a long distance walking route along the whole coast of England – the England Coast Path, which will on completion be a 2,700 mile long National trail around the entire coast of England.

As part of the South Hub coastal access team, I am responsible for the implementation of the stretch of the England coast path in West Sussex and Hampshire between South Hayling and East Head (Chichester Harbour).

Our website has details on the stretches, including a map of the area that each stretch will cover, the stages of progress and a brief synopsis of what this entails and what the next steps are. You can also find a copy of the “Coastal Access Scheme” on our website which sets out how the coast path will be implemented by us across the country:


Stage 1 of implementing the South Hayling to East Head stretch of the coast path was officially launched in September 2015


This email is to let you know that we will be preparing proposals for the South Hayling to East Head stretch over the coming months. We will work closely with officers from West Sussex and Hampshire County Council and other stakeholders who will be providing expert local advice and ensuring there is full consultation with local interests. It’s important that we get your views too, and if your organisation has any information that you feel would be useful for us, or any concerns that we need to take into account, please do contact us.

It’s important to note that there will be no new public access rights to the coast in this area until proposals have been approved by the Secretary of State, and you will be formally consulted when we publish our proposals.

We are also running drop in sessions in your area which will be an opportunity for local residents and landowners to come and meet the team and talk to us about the coast path in their area. Please note these are 1:1 discussions between the given times, so there is no need to arrive at the start.

Letters will be sent out at the beginning of February inviting people who live or own land along the stretch of coastline to attend one of these sessions and the full list of these drop in’s are detailed in the attached poster.
Coastal Path Poster