Many residents will have noticed the clearance work going on around the pond during this winter. Much of this work has been carried out by the Manhood FLOW volunteers, supported by some Itchenor residents. This work must now be reduced to minimal maintenance until October to avoid the nesting season for wildlife but there is a great deal that can still be done around the parish to keep the pond area, the verges and the common managed.

The Parish Council would now like to run a ‘Flow Friday’ at the end of every month. Volunteers meet at the pond 9.30 AM and will be organised into working groups to do essential work around the village. This would compliment ( not replace) the riparian owners’ work to keep ditches accessible and flowing freely. All ages of volunteers are welcome and should be suitably clothed for light outdoor garden work.

The experienced members of the PC and FLOW team will coordinate the teams.

This healthy outdoor pursuit benefits us all in so many ways that we hope that you will make this a regular event in your diaries. You may just turn up but it would be a great help in planning if you could let us know that you can be expected. Our coordinator is Chris Watson at Maple Cottage.