What matters to you? – County Council survey

Residents and businesses have the next two months to influence how West Sussex County Council shapes what it does and how it spends its budget in future.

The County Council today launched its What Matters to You online survey to find out what people think are its most important services and why.

The questionnaire gives people a say on how more than £500 million pounds worth of council services should be provided for over 821,000 residents.

Answers will influence how the County Council shapes what it does and how it’s budget is set for West Sussex in future years.

You can fill the survey in online here.

The County Council has significant challenges ahead, especially around how it pays for services.

This is because of reduced Government funding in future years.

We are asking participants to select three priority areas they believe the County Council should focus resources on and why.

We also want people’s views on how much Council Tax should be set.

West Sussex County Council’s Leader, Louise Goldsmith, said: “What Matters to You matters to us at West Sussex County Council.

“We provide 80 per cent of local authority services throughout the county.

“But we have many challenges, particularly with the budget, so what we are going to be doing is asking you what’s important.

“So when we are looking at and setting that important budget, we can bear in mind all your views and take into account what you have said to us.

“So please let us know what you think.”

The survey runs until Tuesday 30 August 2016.

It takes about five to ten minutes to complete.

Anyone who takes part will automatically gain entry into a prize draw to win a free iPad.

Terms and conditions can be found online.

The County Council runs the What Matters to You? survey every two years.

In 2014, the survey revealed the top three priorities among West Sussex residents were:

Giving children the best start in life
Championing the West Sussex economy
Supporting independence in later life
The County Council’s Future West Sussex Plan, for 2015-19, was based on these three principles.

For more information visit: www.westsussex.gov.uk/whatmatters