Covid-19 Virus – Update for Residents

Dear Resident,

We have good reason to believe that the Covid -19 virus is accelerating towards its peak now.

It is likely that many of us will get Covid -19 in some way and most of us will be fine – especially children. However, children are likely to be the vectors or super spreaders precisely because they won’t get many symptoms.

The people most at risk are those over 65 and especially anyone with lung or heart problems.   They should be extremely careful as they are at high risk of serious illness.

What we can do is take this situation very seriously now.

Older people and those with medical conditions should practice extensive social isolation now.

We know this will be coming anyway but it is a good idea to start immediately.

This means stop going to pubs, clubs, small or large group activities of any kind, no train or bus travel either. Minimise shopping. Ask the younger adults to help! But stay away from grandchildren.

Practice all the advice we have already been given too. Handwash with soap every time you enter your home from outside. Handwash regularly before and after clearing up. Handwash after using the car.

Keep surfaces clear and clean. Try – and this is hard – not to touch your face, especially when in conversation with others or outside anywhere. Maintain a distance of 2 metres when necessarily meeting other people.

Use kitchen towel roll for dirty tasks as much as possible. Single-use tissues to blow your nose and then throw in the bin.

We can still go for walks and with better weather meet outside, keeping the respectful  2 metre distance.

If we all act together we will keep our health – and happiness too.

Below are the phone numbers of kind residents who are willing to help those who need help with an important errand:

VICKY RHYS HURN :  07854 222 544

LARRY KEEP            :  07900 884 567

CHRIS WATSON      :  07899 070 799 or 01243 512 304

RICHARD DYER       :  01243 512 375 or 07767 437 784

JIM MOULD              : 01243 513600